Alessandra Bartolomei Romagnoli

Alessandra Bartolomei Romagnoli teaches History of the religious life and hagiographic and mystique at the Pontifical Gregorian University and History of the Medieval Angelicum Church – Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas. She also teaches some courses at the High School of Medieval and Franciscan Studies of the Antonianum and at the Claretianum/Theological Institute of the Pontifical Lateran University.

Moreover, she is a member of the Board of Directors of the Italian Center of studies of the Late Middle Ages in Todi and of the “Magazine of the history of the Italian Church”. She is part of the scientific committee of the Foundation Ezio Franceschini in Florence, of the “Dominician Memoirs”, “Collectanea Franciscana”, “Teresianum”, “Analecta Augustiniana”, “The Saint”, as well as part of the editorial board of the “Archivum Historicum Fratrum Praedicatorum” and of “Hagiographica”.

She engaged in history of the papacy and of the monasticism; however her privileged field of research are the mystical writings between the Middle Ages and the early years of Modern Times. Among her works, one can remember the critical editions of Saint Francesca Romana (Vatican Publishing House, Rome 1994), of the revelations of Joana Mary of the Cross (Galluzzo Edition, Florence 2007), of the letters of Thomas from Bergamo (Morcelliana, Brescia 2019) and, along with Alfonso Marini, the first volume of the canonization process of Celestine V (Sismel, Florence 2015). She published the volumes Sanctity and the feminist mysticism of the Middle Ages (Foundation of the Italian Center of the studies of the Middle Ages, Spoleto 2013) and A controversial memory. Celestine V and his sources (Sismel, Florence 2013). Amid the curated books,one can recall, in collaboration with Antonella degl’Innocenti and Francesco Santi, the anthology in two volumes of the European Mystic writers. Centuries XII-XV (Ezio Franceschini Foundation, Florence 2015 and 2018); and the collection Saints alive in Europe. Essays for Gabriella Zarri, monographic issue of the “Italian Archive for the Story of the Pietà” (2020).